Tossed Vegetables

9 Top Vegetables: Fight Cancer, Slow Aging, & Boost Energy

Maintaining a balanced diet is essential to performance. In order to reach adequate levels of vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients, we need to eat a wide variety of vegetables. Sounds easy enough, right? I want you to think back to the last five vegetables you ate. Can you list… 

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Biking with earbuds

20 Workout Songs To Help You Be Efficient, Effortless, and Mentally Tough

With our last blog post, we learned all about the benefits and effects of exercising to the right beat. While many of us have our go-to playlist, it’s always nice to add some fresh tracks. So we decided to ask our ProForm followers what songs get them moving. Check out… 

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Woman running with earbuds

Just Push Play: How to Increase Your Workout Tempo Instantly

Elite athletes prove their ability both in training and in competition. But researchers have found that what’s on their playlist has a huge impact on efficiency, effort, and drive. NBC News writer Dan Peterson recently published the article “Why Music Makes Exercise Easier.” Peterson referenced the work of leading sports… 

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Marathon Runners

Sportsmanship: The Art of Winning and Losing Well

To say that sports are the classroom of life may not be far from the truth. In competition, an athlete learns the importance of self-discipline, teamwork, motivation, honesty, commitment, respect for others and authority, hard work, self-evaluation, overcoming obstacles, and more. One important element of competition, especially on the elite… 

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