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Tech Highlight: iFit Interactive Technology

Beating a personal record is what drives most athletes. Can you imagine trying to improve your score or time if no one ran the stopwatch? Tracking your daily workouts and/or diet is just as important as race authorities tracking each participant’s time. And it’s easier today than ever before.

“The key to sticking to a new food or fitness plan may lie in tracking every aspect of your weight loss and workouts,” reported Express, a London-based news source.

Citing a recent survey, Express revealed, “Half of those who track their movements have experienced strong behaviour change…. Called self-monitoring or self-tracking, this growing trend involves individuals marking their own habits with ‘intelligent’ tools such as wearable sensors and apps. These sync with computers and smartphones where we can constantly check our personal data.”


Outdoor to Indoor

In today’s Tech Highlight, we want to take a look at iFit technology. What makes iFit valuable is its ability to track your workout—and then sync it with your home fitness equipment. That means every time you run or cycle outside, the iFit app tracks the route using GPS and then syncs it to your treadmill, elliptical, or indoor cycle.



Unlimited Workout Library

If outdoor workouts don’t really work for you, iFit offers an extensive lineup of workout programs you can access from your home equipment. From celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels to major event training, iFit has a program for you. iFit Ad

Jump on your bike and cycle through segments of Le Tour de France, start your Century Training, or challenge yourself with the 25 Greatest Climbs.

Or you can step up to your treadmill for the Bridge Tour, Boston Marathon route, or the 30-Day Fresh Start workout. Workouts are updated constantly, so you will always have a new challenge.

Plus, iFit tracks all your workout stats and uploads them to your iFit online account. Now you can watch your progress in real time.


Google Maps Global Trails

If you’ve got the travel bug but can’t fit in the beach time, iFit has the solution. Access Google Maps routes to literally anywhere in the world. You can draw your own map in Mongolia or access a city route in Paris. Plus, your home fitness equipment will sync with iFit to match the terrain of your chosen route. That means when you’re running the foothills of the Alps, your treadmill’s incline will increase to match that exact trail. Pretty sweet.

This highlight just skims what iFit can do for your fitness. Check out their website for more information and to start an account—it’s free.



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