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Product Highlight: The Official Boston Marathon® Treadmill 4.0

If the Boston Marathon is on your bucket list, any experienced Bostonian would tell you the course is challenging. Between Hopkinton and Heartbreak Hill, training for decline as well as incline is essential. That’s why the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) partnered with ProForm to build the Official Boston Marathon® Treadmill.

“ProForm has developed the first treadmill that brings the realism of the road to treadmill training,” said Thomas Grilk, Executive Director of the Boston Athletic Association. Built by runners for runners, this treadmill was designed to help more people qualify for the Boston marathon—and then dominate it.

SpeedRing™: Instant Control

Accelerate - SpeedRing

The fastest runners maintain consistent running mechanics and a strong Race Day strategy. The ProForm Boston Marathon treadmill brings runners the first-ever hands-free SpeedRing™—using Bluetooth 4.0.

Wear the SpeedRing™ on your finger to change treadmill speed without breaking stride. Because the SpeedRing™ adjusts speed in one-tenth mph increments, it’s the perfect training tool for fine-tuning your optimum pace.

Top Speed 15 MPH: Find Your PR in Boston

The new official training treadmill enables a great tempo like no other. The treadmill’s top speed is 15 mph, which translates to a 4-minute mile—just slightly faster than the pace expected from this year’s Boston Marathon leaders. And it’s capable of running on a standard 15 amp home electrical circuit.

“There are many different ways to train for the Boston Marathon, and we’ve been waiting for the right partner with treadmill expertise,” said Michael Pieroni, head coach of the Boston Athletic Association Running Club.

Cadence Coach: Train like a Champion

The optimal cadence for an elite runner is between 170 and 190 steps per minute, counting each left-right foot strike independently. A cadence less than 160 steps suggests a runner is extending his or her leg too far forward in each stride, thus slowing momentum. The solution? Increase cadence by boosting leg turnover and shortening the stride.

The Boston Marathon 4.0 offers a solution in the Cadence Coach. In order to train at a higher cadence, select a cadence target using the tablet console. Through built-in speakers, the treadmill emits an audible tone, like a metronome, throughout your run or for a short interval.

Sleek Design: Natural Feel, Total Freedom

20 inch by 62 inch treadbeltThis fresh design eliminates the arm rails and hood that may feel confining and constricting to an experienced runner. We also moved the motor to the rear of the expansive 20-inch by 62-inch tread belt, creating the ultimate wide-open experience.

Add the 4.25 continuous horsepower motor—our most powerful drive system available. It’s dynamically spin-balanced and extensively tested for superior performance in vibration and noise. So your hours of training won’t disturb your family.

Onboard Training: Don’t Just Qualify—Dominate

Training programs on the new ProForm treadmill are designed to help more runners qualify for the historic race. The BAA coaching staff contributed to the development of the built-in training programs.

“There are many different ways to train for the Boston Marathon, and we’ve been waiting for the right partner with treadmill expertise,” said Michael Pieroni, head coach of the Boston Athletic Association Running Club. This partnership resulted in a new training protocol that offers a level of customization previously not available.

Marathon training programs are available for advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels with 16-week and 20-week programs at each level.

HD Video Programs: Feel the Breeze, Pound the Ground

Visualize HD Workout

Watch the historic course in HD video on the treadmill’s full-color tablet integrated into the console. The treadmill will automatically incline and decline to match the elevation every mile of the race from 6 percent decline to 20 percent incline.

Created as “smart” fitness equipment, the treadmill is iFit® Enabled, which allows you to track your real-time progress on the console’s Google Maps™ display. At the conclusion of each run, workout results are automatically uploaded to your personal profile at

Runner’s Flex Impact Control: Train for the Road

Go Big. Go Boston. ProForm: The Official Boston Marathon® Treadmill Road runners subject themselves to merciless impact. However, treadmill-only training leaves many runners unprepared for the abuse of a road run. Runner’s Flex Impact Control cushioning, exclusive to the ProForm® Boston Marathon treadmill, provides the best of both worlds. The cushioning has an on-off function that simulates the real road when off and a cushioned reflex deck when activated.

With literally every feature designed to help you reach a personal best again and again, the Official ProForm® Boston Marathon® Treadmill 4.0 is every marathoner’s secret weapon to Boston success.

Runner's World
Runner’s World April 2013
“The incline adjusts automatically to match the course’s terrain; its 20 percent is steeper than the famed Heartbreak Hill.”

Men's Journal
Men’s Journal: Gear Lab Special Edition
“This is a machine for serious runners.”



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