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With the famous Boston Marathon approaching, ProForm has some fun-packed events leading up to April 21. We are excited to announce our Fitness Pack Giveaway on Twitter starting Monday, April 14. All you have to do is send out the following tweet:

I run for ___________. #WhatsYourWhy #RunChat @ProFormFitness

Just insert your “Why.” We all run for something—tell us what yours is. Send your tweet before 11:59 p.m. April 21 and you’re automatically entered into the contest. We’ll pick our top favorites and announce the winners. Here’s what you can win:


Runner’s Fitness Pack

ProForm® High-Density Foam Roller

Roll out, relieve, and relax sore muscles with a deep tissue massage. Use the massage foam roller to apply the perfect amount of pressure and intensity. Firm massaging ridges reach deep muscles for more complete results.

• Firm Ridges Great for Deep Tissue Massage
• Decrease Muscle Tightness
• Rollout Chart Included
• 18” x 6” Foam Roller


3-in-1 Cardio Strength Kit

Boost your heart rate, train with resistance, and stretch your flexibility zone. The ProForm® 3-In-1 Cardio Strength Kit features a jump rope, medium resistance tube, and push-up resistor—leading the way to better performance and endurance for any fitness enthusiast.

• Jump Rope
• Medium Resistance Tube
• Push-Up Resistor Tube
• Workout DVD


Lotus™ Textured Yoga Mat

Both practical and beautiful, your Lotus Classic Yoga Mat provides the perfect surface for your yoga practice. With its non-slip, textured surface, you will find the safety and comfort you need to practice proper alignment and poses, both at home and in the studio. Whether you are a beginner or a practiced yogi, you’ll love your Lotus Yoga Mat for the comfort and stability it brings to your practice.

• Practice Yoga in Comfort
• Non-Slip, Textured Surface
• Lightweight and Durable


65 cm Exercise Ball

Get ready to challenge your core, increase stability, and pump up resistance with the ProForm® 65 cm Exercise Ball.

• Anti-Burst Design
• Dual-Action Hand Pump
• Workout DVD


  1. Brigitte wallace

    I just am starting out exercises. I need some help. This would work great!!

  2. Regina

    I don’t tweet, I do love to run for because I push my body to the it’s limit & show myself that I can do anything, I run to keep my sanity, I run because I can & I run for all those that can’t no longer run with us!!!! I run because I love running!!!

  3. Sam Louras

    I run because I can! Didn’t start running until I was 49 – fear of turning 50! Since then, I have qualified for Boston 3 times! run it twice, run for Challenge Aspen (helping give abilities to those with diabilities) and training in the glorious Rocky Mountain roads & trails. Life IS good when you are a runner in your later years!

  4. Sofia

    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  5. S. Roux

    I don’t have twitter.

    I run for: myself!

    Being a full time mom and not having a lot of time to myself (husband works away months at a time) I feel free and rejuvenated after a good run. My children sit in a jogger while I push them. Double workout.

    Have a good day.


  6. Shaune

    I don’t tweet either but would love to be considered for the contest…I run to participate in my first 5k to support the hospital that helped heal my 3yr. Old nephew who was in a tragic lawnmower accident and suffered the amputation of his right foot. If he can survive that I know I have no excuse to not get my butt in shape.

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