Balancing Fun and Fitness: One Mom’s Approach to Raising Healthy Kids

Popular health and fitness blogger Kristin Stehly shares with ProForm how to keep family life happy and healthy. Balancing an active life and busy twin boys, Stehly knows that, ultimately, a happy family life starts with being a good example.


How do you teach your sons the important of healthy eating and regular exercise?

I try my best to be a good example for them with how I live my life. That includes the choices I make with healthy eating. And we love getting active together whether it’s a fun family race or just a simple backyard family workout.
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How do you build a healthy home?

We try to focus on the importance of a balanced life. We’re busy and on the go a lot, but we know the importance of quality family time: sitting for healthy meals together, sleep, and living an active lifestyle.


What is your go-to workout?

Running. I love that it can be done anywhere.


How do you incorporate both indoor and outdoor workouts?

If it’s a nice day and we can all be outside together, then I do what I can outside. Otherwise, if I have to get in a run before the day starts, I’m on the treadmill while it’s still dark outside. It’s fun to change it up.


What does a “balanced life” mean to you?

It means balancing everything from workouts to rest, play, and work. It’s about taking advantage of every single moment you are given—like the moments you work hard and give everything you have in a workout, or the moments you just stop, smell the flowers, and sit with your kids.


Kristin and her twin toddler boys.


Kristin Stehly Bio

Kristin Stehly is an ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Along with being a fitness professional and busy mom of toddler twins, she is an avid marathon runner, health and fitness blogger, and she loves to experiment in the kitchen. Her blog,, shares her passion for marathon running, fitness, nutrition, and leading a balanced, healthy life.



6 Ideas to Make Fitness Family-Friendly

Choose exciting rewards

A day at the water park or a night out at the movies—it’s great to have something to look forward to enjoying as a family. As you create your Family Fitness Plan, incorporate periodic rewards to keep motivation high. But be sure to keep food or dessert rewards off the table.

Make fitness fun

Getting out and playing as a family not only builds fitness, but also strengthens family bonds. From bike rides to jumping rope, playing tag to hiking a nearby trail—it’s easier than you think (and very affordable) to make fitness fun as well as challenging.

Keep competition friendly

Try a game of kickball—parents verses kids. This will certainly force you out of your comfort zone and allow your kids a chance to show you what it takes to win. Maybe the winning team gets off dish duty.

Break out the silly

When you add red capes, clown wigs, and pirate eye patches to your family fitness night, it’s sure to bring out the crazy. What better way to get energy out and log valuable exercise time while building memories?

Try something new

Balance the playing field by picking up a new skill or sport as a family. Everyone will feel like beginners while learning and growing together. Try horseback riding, ballroom dance lessons, or the sport of lacrosse.

Get a pet

What has four legs, uncontrollable energy, and makes everyone smile? A puppy! That’s right, if you want to add regular chaotic fun to your fitness plan, just incorporate a new member of the family. Not only does a puppy need daily walks, but the little guy loves to play. It can also be a great chance to teach your kids about responsibility and accountability.

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