ProForm Exercise Bikes: The Lowdown

Ever considered purchasing an exercise bike? They fit great in a small room—and are easy on the wallet. But zeroing in on just one model can be a little daunting. With so many styles, frames, and features to choose from, we are here to give you the lowdown on ProForm indoor cycles, recumbent bikes, exercise bikes, and hybrid trainers.

Log your workouts with the relaxed, secure fit of the recumbent. Or push yourself to high speed with an indoor cycle—similar to your outdoor road bike. Or pick a nice blend of the two with upright bikes and hybrids.

As you decide between the many options, you’ll want to prioritize which features are going to be most valuable to you. Do you want the latest fitness tech? Or are you looking for the most comfortable, stable equipment available? Keep reading for the ultimate report on our top features. Let’s take a look at what makes ProForm the industry leader.



iFit® technology connects you and your ProForm machine to online interactive training tools that track your fitness, plan your workouts, and adapt to your progress. With iFit®, you’re also part of an enthusiastic fitness community that supports you through all your fitness goals.

Partnered with top trainers like Jillian Michaels and some of the biggest events in the world like Le Tour de France, iFit® provides the most comprehensive library of training programs.

Access your iFit® account from your exercise equipment, computer, tablet, or smart phone to review your stats, schedule workouts, and share your success. Your profile information is stored securely in the iFit® cloud and is available anytime, anywhere.


Endurance Training for Champions


With revolutionary 20 percent incline and decline capabilities—the exclusive Tour de France indoor cycles automatically adjust the incline and decline to simulate the actual landscape of your selected route. Now you can effectively train for any course, any destination, in any season.


Workout Apps

Many ProForm bikes are packed with workout apps designed by a certified personal trainer. You can choose a different workout everyday. Select from intensity, performance, weight loss, resistance, speed, calorie burn, and interval workouts ready to challenge and inspire your fitness.

The resistance levels automatically adjust throughout each program, allowing you to focus on the workout—hands free.



ProForm bikes come with a variety of display options. From full-color touchscreen to RaceTrack® display to multi-window priority—you’ll always have your key workout stats ready at a glance.

Train smart with your workout speed, time, distance, and calories burned easily displayed. Your console will also help you access built-in workout programs, iFit® technology, iPod® volume control, resistance levels, Quick Resistance™ controls, and more.


Drive Systems

Enjoy the nostalgic road bike feel of the chain drive system on our ProForm indoor cycles. Closely replicating a natural outdoor ride, the metal chain and sprockets reconnect you to a great workout option. If you are looking for a smoother, silent workout, give our belt drive system a go—found on several exercise bike models. Both options are adept and efficient.



Frictionless, silent, and consistent—the ProForm electromagnetic resistance system is the bike industry’s superior braking system. Our felt resistance system is a close second with its compression brake style, quiet execution, and smooth delivery.



Saddle and Handlebars

We love options and we know you do too. Our indoor cycle saddle and handlebars are easily adjusted to fit you. Ergonomically designed for comfort, our non-slip handlebars cut down on fatigue so you can ride longer. Plus, with the horizontally and vertically adjustable saddle you can find your perfect fit.


Digital resistance allows you to adjust your workout for increased calorie burn and higher intensity. Our smooth, frictionless felt and magnetic resistance systems allow you to incrementally adjust your workout without interrupting your focus.


Intelligent Wind Resistance

Our smart technology adjusts the resistance of your bike based on your personalized wind profile. By calculating your unique key measurements, your indoor cycle applies the same natural resistance you would feel on the road. Available exclusively with the Tour de France Series.

electronic shifting controls

Electronic Shifting Controls

We take your training seriously. Now available on the TDF Centennial, ProForm features customizable gear ratios to match your personal road bike. With a triple front chainring and 10-speed back cassette, you can smoothly move through 30 gears down the valleys and over the summits of your personal records.



Several ProForm bikes come with an iPod® compatible music port. Simply plug your iPod® or MP3 player into the Intermix Acoustics™ Sound System and stay inspired with your favorite power music. Built-in speakers are available in 2-inch and 3-inch sizes.


Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is an effective way to improve your aerobic endurance and assess your fitness level. With ProForm, you have two options available on our bikes.

1) Place your hands on the EKG™ Grip Pulse sensors throughout your workout to receive accurate and instantaneous readings.

2) Several of our models include an interface that communicates with a wireless chest strap transmitter. The chest strap (sold separately) broadcasts your heart rate information to the console, where you can easily stay in your target heart rate zone.

Power Meter

Track your training intensity like the pros with a power meter for the purest indication of your cycling performance. Only available on our Tour de France Indoor Cycle series, ProForm individually calibrates the power display to assure precision readouts.


Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

Get a smoother, more comfortable workout with the heavy-duty, inertia-enhanced flywheel. Our faster gear ratio and effective weight placement deliver a natural cycling experience.



Feel secure when you step into our pedals. With several options available, you can opt for toe cages and adjustable straps for added efficiency, comfort, and stability.


Check out our full line-up of indoor cycles, hybrid trainers, upright bikes, and recumbent bikes here.


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