ProForm Tour de France 2014 – Get There First

Our lives are defined by firsts—those magical moments when you experience something incredible for the first time. Your first kiss. First car. First apartment. First job out of college. First marathon.

But if you think about it, a lot happens to lead up to that point. What makes that moment so impactful is the build up, the suspense, the anticipation. Think about your first car. How many models did you test drive before you made your decision? How many months did you save up for your down payment? After all that research and work, when you held the keys in your hand, smiled, and then started the engine, it all paid off.

Fitness training has a similar story. What inspired you to start? Did you sign up for a half marathon with your best friend? Commit to slimming down after 10 years at a desk job? Or get a road bike for your birthday and find inspiration in the wind? Whatever your catalyst, we know that with enough hard work, you can and will reach your goals.

Since 1903, cyclists have dreamed, trained, and answered the challenge of Le Tour de France. Starting as a marketing plan to increase paper sales for the magazine L’Auto, it developed over the years into the epitome of elite cycling. France, then Europe, then the world have followed the progress of Le Tour from its first five-stage race to the international spectacle it is today.

Endurance Training for Champions

A Story of Firsts

1903 – First Tour de France
1919 – First yellow jersey awarded
1921 – First live radio broadcast of Tour
1933 – First mountains classification
1934 – First time trial classification
1935 – First points classification
1954 – First year Tour starts abroad
1973 – First titanium bike frame allowed
1975 – First Grand Finish on Champs-Elysees
1975 – First young rider classification
2014 – First La Course by Le Tour de France Elite Women’s Race
Each year, each race is about just one thing—getting across that finish line first. If you have your dream, let’s get through the work and sweat together, and celebrate each other’s victories along each stage of the journey.

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