Tour Highlight: Where We Stand Today

With the grand finish in Paris approaching, let’s take a look at Le Tour de France stage winners and the progress of the yellow jersey.

Stage 1: Kittel

1) Kittel: 4 h 44m 07s
2) Sagan: +0
3) Navardauskas: +0

Stage 2: Nibali

1) Nibali: 9h 52m 43s
2) Sagan: +2s
3) Van Avermaet: +2s

Stage 3: Kittel

1) Nibali: 13h 31m 13s
2) Sagan: +2s
3) Albasini: +2s

Stage 4: Kittel

1) Nibali: 17h 07m 52s
2) Sagan: +2
3) Albasini: +2s

Stage 5: Boom

1) Nibali: 20h 26m 46s
2) Fuglsang: +2s
3) Sagan: +44s

Stage 6: Greipel

1) Nibali: 24h 38m 25s
2) Fuglsang: +2s
3) Sagan: +44s

Stage 7: Trentin

1) Nibali: 29h 57m 04s
2) Fuglsang: +2s
3) Sagan: +44s

Stage 8: Kadri

1) Nibali: 33h 48m 52s
2) Fuglsang: +1m 44s
3) Porte: +1m 58s

Stage 9: Martin

1) Gallopin: 38h 04m 38s
2) Nibali: +1m 34s
3) Machado: +2m 40s

Stage 10: Nibali

1) Nibali: 42h 33m 38s
2) Porte: +2m 23s
3) Valverde Belmonte: +2m 47s

Stage 11: Gallopin

1) Nibali: 46h 59m 23s
2) Porte: +2m 23s
3) Valverde Belmonte: +2m 47s

Stage 12: Kristoff

1) Nibali: 51h 31m 34s
2) Porte: +2m 23s
3) Valverde Belmonte: +2m 47s

Stage 13: Nibali

1) Nibali: 56h 44m 03s
2) Valverde: +3m 37s
3) Bardet: +4m 24s

Stage 14: Majka

1) Nibali: 61h 52m 54s
2) Valverde: +4m 37s
3) Bardet: +4m 50s

Stage 15: Kristoff

1) Nibali: 66h 49m 37s
2) Valverde Belmonte: +4m 37s
3) Bardet: +4m 50s
Endurance Training for Champions


Total Withdrawals

With some intense upsets, wrecks, and withdrawals—the 2014 Tour has been anything but boring. Losing top contenders like Chris Froome (last year’s winner) along with fellow Brit Mark Cavendish, Andy Schleck, and Alberto Contador brings the peloton down to 171 riders.

Stage 2

Mark Cavendish
Sacha Modolo

Stage 4

Gregory Henderson
Andy Schleck

Stage 5

Christopher Froome

Stage 6

Xabier Zandio Echaide
Egor Silin
Jesus Alberto Hernandez Blazquez
Ariel Maximiliano Richeze

Stage 7

Stef Clement
John Darwin Atapuma
Danny Van Poppel

Stage 8

Bart De Clercq
Mathias Frank

Stage 9

Egoitz Garcia Echeguibel

Stage 10

Alberto Contador
Edward King
Mathew Hayman

Stage 11

Fabian Cancellara

Stage 12

Andrew Talansky
David De La Cruz Melgarejo

Stage 13

Alexander Porsev
Janier Alexis Acevedo Calle
Arthur Vichot
Daniel Navarro Garcia

Stage 14

Dries Devenyns
Rafael Valls


The Next Stage

With six stages to go—and a highly anticipated finish on the Champs Elysees in Paris—the 2014 Tour de France still has a lot of surprises in store. Watch the progress at


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